Saturday, May 28, 2011

Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

I have created this blog with the intention of helping out other Muslims like me, who are stuck in the world, struggling to stay on the right path, but keep on falling due to the tricks of shaytaan. Remember, a Muslim who tries his best to stay on path, but then keeps on falling because of his desires, but then gets up, repents, and try’s again to be a good believer is blessed with a greater reward than a Muslim who is perfect in every way, completes all his duties without any difficulty, and does not have any worldly desires. Anyone can be a good believer, it just takes hard work. To become a doctor you have to study books and books, cram days and nights for years, pass so many difficult exams, then you can be called a doctor, so how could it be so easy to be called a true believer and worshipper of ALLAH azza wa jall, The Almighty king of ALL kings? You have to sacrifice your belongings, desires, and yourself to earn his praise, and to enter paradise, just like you have to pass so many trials, sacrifice your life, take the most difficult tests to be a police officer. In no way can Islam and our duty to Islam be compared to these worldly occupations, I’m just giving examples of how much importance you must give to your religion, and how much you have to bare in this path of guidance, these occupations are nothing in front of our duty to Islam. Don't get scared, I’m not trying to make you afraid, I’m preparing you for a very adventurous, important mission that has a path full of roses and thorns, but truly the result is very fruitful. Are you ready to join me in this mission "Our path to paradise"?
I will in-sha -ALLAH azza wa jall post every thought, quote, story, etc, I find effective, and also will soon start some islamic classes for tajweed, arabic, etc, with the help of ALLAH azza wa jall in-sha-ALLAH

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