Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Size of hotel room: two meters space
Time of Departure: TIME OF DEATH

5 meters of white cloth and a small amount of cotton. The real luggage that will come in handy is good deeds, good conduct, time spent in inviting mankind to good deeds and prohibiting evil, ilm(knowledge) obtained and used properly, children raised and educated to be good Muslims. All other types of luggage will be carried AT YOUR OWN RISK.

All tickets are nonnegotiable and nontransferable. Therefore everyone must be ready and keep an eye out for the pilot of the plane -THE ANGEL OF DEATH.

All passengers are reminded that no oxygen mask will be available, as it is not required. Also, the hotel room does not have any electricity or air-conditioning. The only 'light' will be the 'light' of your good deeds. There is no need for any boarding pass, passport or other travel documents, just get ready. For more information, read instructions to be found in the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah. You can also consult the learned Ulema. Study the Qur'an and Sunnah and put them into practice! IT IS IMPORTANT this is done as soon as possible.

This ticket may be called in at any time, so PREPARE NOW FOR DEPARTURE!
ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS!Here is a ticket that has been made out to all of us from our Lord, Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala. The flight is about to leave, so pack your bags and get ready!

TYPE OF TICKET: One-way (return ticket not available)
COST: absolutely free
RESERVATION: confirmed

Name: _________ (Fill in YOUR name in the blank)
Father's name: Adam (peace be upon him)
Origin: Piece of clay
Address: Surface of the Earth

Departure Point: Anywhere on Earth
Destination: the Other World
One Stopover: The GRAVE (no transit visa required)


Muslimah said...

MashaAllah, I have one on my blog aswell, Please have a look:
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musaafirul jannah said...

I did have a look, yours is better, more in depth mashaALLAH ta'ala..btw, your blog is really nice!

and wow, I didnt know anyone even read my blog...I was pretty surprised to find your comment, just yesterday I was thinking of making my blog private to allowed readers..which I dont have any of...lol, without anyone reading I totally lost my interest in posting..