Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling a little down?

Assalamu Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, your feeling upset? Don't worry, your not alone, there are about a gazillion people around you right now in this world who also are crying due to some problem they are going through. That's life.When you find your heart swallowed by sorrow, and happiness only in dreams which seem thousands of miles away...don't let yourself break into pieces, tomorrow you will be looking back at these days, and you'll be thinking wow, did that really happen? Life sometimes gives, and sometimes takes, just how a tree sometimes is fruitful, and sometimes, forget fruits , it doesn't even have any leaves like in August. There will be times in life when you feel like the whole world been taken away from you, no one cares, your in this little bubble all by yourself, then there will be times when you'll be on the moon, swinging on the clouds. I know hardships are not easy, believe me, I know what I'm talking about, everyone has their own sad story to tell. Just remember that ALLAH ta'ala is with those who have broken hearts, and you know why? Maybe because when some one is sad they mean what they say, they are more sincere, and they always are asking from the heart, I'm sure you've been through this before, sometimes you find it so hard to make dua, you can't concentrate, or get yourself to cry, or mean what you say, ask like you really want it, and then there are times when your pouring your heart out, your crying and pleading for help, you constantly have ALLAH on your mind...well learn from your hardships and always stay connected to ALLAH azza wa jall, these problems are just tests, He wants to see if you complain, or you wait with patience, without any complaining or whining. ALLAH always loves you no matter what. You will find many people who only contact you because they need you, or some love you sincerely but after one mistake they're gone, but ALLAH is different, He loves you always, no matter what, Remember the last time you slept sinning, didn't you wake up the next morning without any pain, problem, illness? You ate some haram food, but you you didn't choke, You did a very big sin but your still alive, healthy, and in the best shape you can ever be...that's his love. he doesn't give you problems because he doesn't like you, he gives them too you because he loves you more than others, and he wants you to remember him, cry to him, share your sorrows with him, he wants you to make him your friend NOT your other friend/mother/sister who can't do anything other than give advice. Remember the keys to everything are in his hands, he's your creator. I heard in a bayan once about this prophet (I really don't remember which one) who was tired of his people, their sins, they didn't listen to him, and so he asked ALLAH to punish them and kill them. ALLAH azza wa jall ordered him to make a bowl out of clay, then another, then another.....until...he had a huge stack in front of him, then the next day ALLAH azza wa jall asked him to make more, then..the prophet asked what to do with them, so ALLAH azza wa jall ordered him to break them. He was shocked and upset, how much hard work he had put in those bowls, it had took him days to make them, and now in just a second hes been ordered to break them? Why? well..he did as his creator ordered him to do, and then when he asked why he had been ordered to do so? ALLAH ta'ala said "you only created some lifeless bowls and when I told you to break them, you became upset, so didn't I create these people with my own hand? People who can walk, talk, stand, and sit, and you tell me to destroy them? I am their creator, I love them." That's how much he loves us! Yes, who disobey him night and day, in privacy and public, even though we eat what HE has given us, we wear what He has given us, we Live under what He has given us, We touch, smell, hear, see, and taste with what HE has given us...we know he can take all of this back from us in less than a second, but still we think we're all that and still disobey him, he STILL loves us! He said to his prophet Moosa alaihissalam: Basshiril muznibeen..Give glad tidings to the sinners. (yes, the sinners.) The prophet asked: of what oh ALLAH? ALLAH azza wa jall said: Glad tidings that I am here, waiting for them, they only have to ask for forgiveness once, from their hearts, and I am ready to forgive them! ALLAHU AKBAR! How great is our creator who we take for granted, Shame on such people like us! The sea asks ALLAH everyday to drown us, the Sky pleads to fall on us, the earth cries to swallow us in it, EVERYDAY, but what does our creator say? Have you created them? Are they your creations? If so, do as you wish with them, otherwise, NO! I have created them, leave them to me, This is between us, not you. WHEN WILL THE TIME COME FOR US TO RETURN TO HIM? TO ASK HIM FOR FORGIVNESS? OUR WONDERFUL, MOST KIND, MOST GRACIOUS ALLAH? WHO LOVES US MORE THAN ANYTHING? WHO LETS US GO NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, NOT THRICE, BUT A MILLION TIMES A DAY???

Just imagine if you were in his place, and you have created humans with your hand, and they walked on your earth, used your created hands, mouths, noses, ears, feet, while disobeying YOU, what would you do? What would you do? Think about it!


HopefulHopes said...

As usual, simply AMAZING ما شاء الله
جزاك الله الفردوس الأعلى :)

Musaafirah said...

Jazakumullah t3ala ahsanal jaza sweety! MashaALLAH t3ala, wa iyaakum!