Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi t3ala wa barakatuhu,
These are some ash3aar I wrote:
لا تيئس يا أيها الانسان                             إن الدنيا دار البلاء
يبسط لك الورود اليوم                                و يرميك بالاشواك غداً
 سواء عليك صبرت أم جزعت                      مهما فعلت لابد أن تبتلى
فكن لربك شاكراً على كل حال                   في البلاء و الرخاء
ولا تنس أن ربك معك أبداً                           وأنه أعلم بما أصابك
فتوكل عليه و أترك الشكوى                       وتذكر أنه لا يصيبك البلاء
إلا لحكمة لا يعلمها إلا الله                         فاصبر عسى أن تنفرج

Translation: "Dont loose hope in ALLAH t3ala, Verily this world is a place full of hardships. It spread for you a bed of roses today, and tomorrow it will throw thorns at you. It does not make a difference if you cry or have patience, both ways, you will have hardships. So praise your lord in all conditions, in happiness, and sadness, blessing and and hardships, and Do not forget that ALLAH t3ala is always with you, and he knows better what you are going through. So, trust him, and stop complaining, and remember no one goes through a hardship but for some wisdom which no one but ALLAH t3ala knows. Be patient, and soon your harship will be raised."

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