Friday, September 30, 2011

Golden Words!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi t3ala wa barakatuhu,

I really love this hadeeth:
Abu Dharr (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Allah, the Almighty, says: `Whosoever does a good deed, will have (reward) ten times like it and I add more; and whosoever does an evil, will have the punishment like it or I will forgive (him); and whosoever approaches Me by one span, I will approach him by one cubit; and whosoever approaches Me by one cubit, I approach him by one fathom, and whosoever comes to Me walking, I go to him running; and whosoever meets Me with an earth-load of sins without associating anything with Me, I meet him with forgiveness like that". [Muslim]

Other words of wisdom:
Tears shed for Allah t3ala are priceless. They wash sins just like water clears dust! A tear that is not for the sake of Allah t3ala will dry out, but a tear shed while seeking Alla t3ala's forgiveness and love, will purify the soul and attain inner peace. May Allah t3ala make our tears a means of paradise, and may he dry them with his mercy for indeed Allah t3ala is the most merciful!

A blessing that is enjoyed with gratitude never ends, and a blessing that is rejected with complaints never remains. Therefore be grateful of your blessings and be patient of every hardship. Thank Allah t3ala that he has blessed you with everything, and thank him that he has tried you with trials as a means of forgiveness and guidance. Indeed with Allah t3ala everything is a blessing; SubhanAllah t3ala!

"Don't lose yourself trying to hold on to something that takes you away from Allah t3ala!

Man feels sad when he does not acquire what was not destined for him, but delights at earning what would not have missed him. You, Abdullah, should feel delight for what you have performed for your Hereafter, grieve for the part of your life you wasted, and feel disinterest in whatever splendor you acquire in this life. Dedicate your vitality at what will come after death (ie. deeds that will grant you Allah t3ala’s Mercy). —’Ali b. Abi Tālib radhiyallahu t3ala anhu in a letter to ’Abdullah ibn. ‘Abbas radhiyallahi t3ala anhu

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