Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Muslims only by name!

Asalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi t3ala wabarakatuhu,

 It really is sad but true, that we are muslims but only by name...Just a few days ago when I was travelling, There was this very old man we passed by who started laughing really hard once he saw us (as we cover and he knew we were muslims), and then said: "Now, THATS what i call dangerous!", It was just an everyday incident but It got me to think...that he would not have said that if we were true muslims, and acted upon ALLAH ta'alas teachings and the prophets PBUH teachings properly, These days you cant even tell the difference between a muslim, and a nonmuslim, People start of with the islamic greeting "Asalamu Alaikum", and then start arguing and fighting...HELLO! Werent you just sending peace upon your opponent, what happened now??? Its really sad, what has become of us today?

Islam itself means giving peace, safety, and a muslim is one who gives peace, and safety, as the prophet pbuh said (maa ma'3anaahu): a muslim is who people do not get offended/hurt from, may it be from his hands or mouth....Thats what a true muslim is, but today, we try our very best to make others sad, and to hurt them, bringing peace is out of question! All the things people say about muslims is our own fault, because we are the ones that set the wrong example. We were taught to treat others the best, and even animals, to care for them, and feed them, and not to hurt them, and every race, and religon with respect...but we have not implemented all these teachings, thats why we are facign this day! Its time we change ourselves and become true rolemodels, and show what a muslim actually is! May ALLAH ta'ala help us! ameen!

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