Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is that vase more valuable or your childs heart?

Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi t3ala wabarakatuhu,
 ~*~بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم~*~

This is a really different type of post compared to my usual posts, but I'm really annoyed about this. I really hate it when women start to yell at their young cute innocent children for dropping something or breaking something, I mean seriously you can find a million of those in the world, but how many "your child" will you find? The poor kid is already crying and asking for forgiveness, so why scream at him like crazy and hurt him? Kids are kids, they are going to play, and run around, and may break things, but that's part of being a child! Now, if you told him/her to stay away from something because its dangerous, or they might get hurt, than okay I understand, but I've seen ladies start to scream at children for breaking an expensive vase or some type of show piece. May it be from Italy, Egypt, United Kingdom, the Caribbeans, Where ever its from, your child is still and will always be waaaaayyy more valuable!

    Also, I seriously don't get whats wrong with women these days, they totally have lost the meaning of motherhood and it's responsibilities! Like there's this girl playing until she got hurt or something, and so she came up to her mother, who was busy doing something on her ipod, and chatting on the phone at the same time. This girls like practically begging her mother to listen, but the woman is way too busy talking about what that lady wore, and what she said, and totally gossip! The woman asks the person on the cell for second, screams at her daughter "Can't you see I'm on the phone, go away!", just looking at the kids face could break your heart!  Its like women today are too busy with their facebook, ipods, chit chatting on the phone, than spending time with their children, doing good tarbiyah (raising their children properly), and looking up to the needs of their family. Like, the other day theres this girl who was extremely disrespectful, naughty, and totally rude to everyone. She was like picking on older girls, giving rude comments, and she was onlyyy 12 years old! Her mother was too busy chatting to notice, and when someone did complain she puts the cell down and is like: " ---- stop it.", Seriously, that was her reaction, now tell me, how in the world is that going to make a difference? Her child basically looks at her, ignores her, and goes right back to her attitude!
     I'm the type of person who can't really yell back at disrespectful children or like get them off my back, so I usually have to go through this kinda rudeness from disrespectful children (from distant family), alhamdulillah t3ala other than family, I never have problem with children, i actually get along really well with kids, but these kids, I don't know, maybe because they know I wont say anything back, or I'll just ignore, they start to get out of hand....but I really don't know how to shake them off....soo I just stopped going to this place I used to go to, because of one of the children who was extremely rude and had to pick on everyone! Its kinda funny because my other cousin shes kind of straight forward, so she'll tell you off, or scream at you, or even hit you, so the kids keep their distance from her, but when it comes to me, they start to get on my last nerve, then I get really annoyed at their mothers, why don't they teach them respect, when they see them being rude to an elder, right in front of their eyes, why in the world don't they stop them!
 it just hurts to see mothers so distracted from giving their children the proper tarbiyah, so they become rude, and disrespectful, then when it gets out of hand, and they can't stop it anymore, they cry about it. It is really important for women to realize their responsibility and appeal to it, because their children are who they are, since they are the first madrassah for them, and however they're children will be, that's how the next generation is going to be.
  I pray to ALLAH t3ala to guide women to the straight path and follow the footsteps of the ummahaat-us-salihaat of our aslaaf, and become great role models for their children, and a source of hidayah for them, and may their children be the coolness of their eyes, aameen thumma aameen.

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