Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A few more incidents from "Do you think your duas are not accepted"

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi t3ala wa barakatuhu,

Like I promised, I will post up any more incidents I remember, so here goes:

In one of my classes we had to write this huge essay about a specific topic in arabic, for homework, but I for some reason (dont remember) was not able to write the essay, and the teacher who had assigned it let me tell you was very very strict, and she would become very angry if someone didnt complete their work, no excuses were accepted, you would be humiliated in front of the class, and get a long lecture or scolding, so I was sooooooo nervous, I dont even have the words to express how scared I was then, but I remembered my friend telling me that whoever read "hasbiyallahu wa n3imal wakeel in time of difficulty, ALLAH t3ala would bring ease upon the person, and the difficulty would go away, so I sat there in class, and was continuously reading this in my heart in silence, and the teacher pointed at student by student according to the seats, and asked them to read their essay, and finally she pointed at the student sitting next to me, and it was supposed to be my turn right after her, and there were like 30 minutes left, so I had no way out, I put my who heart into the dua, and ask ALLAH t3ala for help desperately, and you wont believe that right after my friend got done reading the teacher suddenly started to lecture us about something and she went on for a whole 30 minutes, so my turn never came!

This same thing happened another time, It was another essay which I wouldnt write, so I again started to read this dua from my heart and make lots and lots of dua, and when my teacher pointed at the student right next to me, I felt like I was going to cry, well the student finished, and as it was my turn, surprisingly the teacher commented on her essay for like 5 minutes then suddenly she skipped me and asked the person next to me, I was sooooo surprised and speechless that how fast ALLAH t3ala has accepted my dua, the teacher never ever skipped anyone, I guess ALLAH t3ala made her forget or something, but I was saved alhamdulillah t3ala!

Another time it was another class, and that teacher was also very strict, I was really scared of her lol, actually the whole school was, so you can imagine how strict she must be, and how her anger must be, well, I was not able to memorize the lesson for that day and so again I read this dua and kept asking ALLAH t3ala to save me, and guess what happen, out of no where in the middle of the class, before my turn the principal announced a meeting for the teachers right away, and again whew I was saved.

Last year, it was exams time, and for one of the exams I (guilty and embarassed) had wasted time, and was not able to prepare so well, so when night time befallen upon me, my fear had gotten so bad, I literally cried to ALLAH t3ala to do something, because I could no way fail this exam, and my preparation was extremely bad, and there was very little time, but a lot of syllabus left to study so I sat there and made lots and lots of duas. Well, as the light of dawn became visible, I kept asking ALLAH t3ala to help me, and save me any way possible. Well, after a bit I got a message that madrassah is closed today, it was a miracle! My madrassah is very strict, they dont give holidays at all, only after extreme measures, so I was so surprised that out of no where, the exam was cancelled and we had a holiday.

last week, we had a very big test for tafseer, and the whole class was very unprepared, so everyone was making dua that please oh ALLAH T3ALA do something, so that our teacher doesnt take the test today (with 3afiyah and khairiyat), and at home we made dua, after coming to madrassah we all made dua, and guess what When the time came for the teachers class, we found out that the teacher didnt come today! the next day the teacher told us that she was not able to come, because she became busy, and she even tried to make it late, but I dont know why, I wasnt able to. This really was a miracle, and without doubt our dua was accepted.

(you all must be thinking we are some naughty students lol, but there are times when you cant get something done for a reason, and we always asked for khair)

I didnt make up these stories, these are just a over all few from my years of madrassah (mashaALLAH t3ala), and every one of these stories had raised my iman to mountain top. Verily ALLAH t3ala does listen to you, and in time of difficulty he is there, and does help you. You just have to ask him sincerely from the deep of your heart with "yaqeen" that he will accept your duas, then you will see the power of ALLAH t3ala the almighty.

(If ALLAH t3ala can listen to the Mujadilaahs dua, he can listen to ours too!)

My khala told me this story recently about her own friend. They went in a jamaat in the path of ALLAH t3ala to Singapore. No one in the group knew their language, so it was very very difficult, every time they needed something they had to make hand gestures, so the whole group was so upset that we dont even know their language, how will we preach these people? They asked the leaders to let them go somewhere else, but the main leader told them to make dua, and ask ALLAH t3ala for help, he has brought them here, he shall give them the tawfeeq to make dawah, so that night all the people in the group stayed awake all night and prayed and made dua and cried a lot! They begged him to help them out. Well, when it was morning time, and they woke up, everyone in the group knew fluent Singaporean language malay. Subhanallah t3ala! After that thousand and thousands came to visit them to hear their language, as everyone was shocked, and they had seen this miracle with their own eyes, and surprisingly these people were able to speak it better than the original Singaporeans. My khalas own friend is one of them.

Please keep me in your prayers!


The Black Jubah said...

Assalamualaikum Sis,

Jazakallah for stopping by my blog. I am a very busy Mum with 5 kids. I try to take sometimes to visit blogs, because this is my entertainment. I am however is not a writer, nor an Islamic scholar, what I wrote is just what came across my mind... Bi.. iznillah.

Musaafirah said...

Wa alaikumussalam wrwb, wa iyaakum aameen, thats great mashaALLAH t3ala! what you wrote was wonderful.