Friday, November 18, 2011

There still are muslims out there who know the meaning of khushoo3!

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi t3ala Wabarakatuhu,

SubhanAllah!! Such a wonderful, and precious picture which was captured at the Masjid ul Haram!!

Even though the quality is not that good, there is a precious lesson in it!! Allaahu Akbar !!!

It shows a man standing and praying with Khushu' (concentration) and there is a bird on his head!! When people saw this view they said: "SubhanAllah! This man reminds us of Bin Zubair (radiyAllaahu 'anhu)!"

Do you know who's Abdullah bin Zubair (radiyAllaahu 'anhu)?

He was one of the sahabah (radiyAllaahu 'anhu) who was known in his time for his extreme Khushu' (concentration) in Salah.

When he used to pray, it was as if he was a branch of a tree due to his khushoo', and birds used to stop & sit on him thinking he was a tree!!

SubhanAllah!! That's how Muslims should perform salah!

(From an Internet source)

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