Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Wondering...

Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi t3ala wabarakatuhu,

Just wondering, Am I the only wierdo who does this?  
l l
(at the moment, this is not for anyone, just a old habit...)

(btw inshaALLAH t3ala a long (maybe) interesting (well I hope you find it interesting) post coming up soon..)

(oh and btw incase if anyone doubts, Whenever I write about such stuff, Im never talking about a guy, just female friends. alhamdulillah t3ala I dont go into those kinda (haram) relationships, mashaALLAH t3ala, I mean the reason why Im telling you this is because i dont want someone thinking I write about Islam, and then dates guys, etc...astaghfirullah t3ala never.)


muslimah93 said...

I do that oh so many times. I think it's my own problem though. I have a hard time letting people go. Lol. =)

Amira said...

Lol na ur not a weirdo. I did that too kind of but depends really. Sometimes I won't be there. Weinch?

HopefulHopes said...

Wow! So I am not the only one after all !! I think the reason is that females are so emotional and sensitive ...
By the way, I love it when you mentioned the fact that dating guys is HARAAAM !! Many Muslims (and unfortunately Arabs) think that it's fine ! May Allah forgive us and guide us all ....

Anonymous said...

w/salam wr wb. lol. i get we r all a bunch of wierdos then..(as always) *wink* :D @ muslima93: subhanallah! meeee well then i guess we are all 2gether :) @ HopefulHopes: I totally agree with you ^_^ Ameeeeeen! It's really sad. we really need that prayer

Musaafirah said...

@muslimah93: smile, I have that problem too, I guess we dont really let people get too close, and when they do, we cant let them go..

@Amira: lol..Im glad to know im not a wierdo, haha. jazakumullah t3ala khairan sweety!

@HopefulHopes: Yes, I think your right about that, I am really sensative lol!
Alhamdulillah t3ala Im very glad you agree with me, your right, many many people just dont understand...sigh

@anonymous: haha well then, welcome to the wierdos club everyone *wink*