Monday, December 12, 2011

Surrounded by difficulties?

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi t3ala wabarakatuhu,
A poem I wrote:

When you find yourself drowning
in a sea of worries and troubles
try to stay calm without protesting
and get up on your feet with prayers
keep the Quran right by your side
and turn to it to rest your mind
it may seem difficult then   
your problems may be multiplied by ten
but dont let yourself fall down
keep on fighting so that you dont drown
in just a few days you'll be freed
from all that you stress and aggrieve
then will come a day of such happiness
you'll forget every second of your distress
so while it lasts dont be hasty
and keep your faith in the Al-Mighty
this is just a test which shall pass
so just try to be patient and stay steadfast
the reward shall be truly worth it
just wait and see how you'll cherish it


muslimah93 said...

I love itttt!! You're getting really talented at writing poems! =P Jazakillahkhair for sharingg! =)

Musaafirah said...

jazakumullah t3ala ahsanal jaza!
Wa iyaakumm!