Thursday, July 18, 2013

I sincerely apologize...

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wawabarakaatuhu,

I sincerely sincerely apologize for completely disappearing, theres not much I can say except please keep me in your duaas
As I very much need them. There was a lot traveling, phases of no electricity or internet back home it became very difficult to get online. But alhamdulillah ta'aala Im back and would be really happy if you please give me another chance. Although I personally cant help anyone with hifdh the moment, and maa shaa'ALLAH ta'aala the response was amass so I can in'shaa ALLAH ta'aala help by making the groups for you so that you can have a hifdh partner and motivation in'shaa ALLAH ta'aala.

Please please forgive me.

So whoever is still interested please email me once with just the amount of paarahs you did and your whereabouts. I also will try to go through my emails and reply to everyone. In'shaa ALLAH in the span of the next few days, you'll receive an email from me.

Jazakumullah ta'aala ahsanal jaza!
Humble request for duaas!

EDIT: Shaytaan can never let any good be accomplished, My internet once again has failed on me, I have to get it fixed, and that could take a week or even more, Im in the process of making the groups, gathering everyone that showed interest, but due to the internet being down, the process  is now please bare with me, in'shaa ALLAH ta'ala before Ramadhan is over everything will be completed, and you will receive the emails.
My apologies,

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Bint_Salih said...

Wa alaykumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuh Ya Ukht. Only seeing this now. Subhanallah we've missed you on here. I was always checking in to see if by chance you've come back. Was more than hoping you haven't left completely. Alhamdulillah really that you are back.

May Allah continue to keep u safe always within the folds of islam, may He ease your affairs and May His love for you increase multiple folds. May He increase u in good and keep you humble always, ameen!

Much love fillah <3