Friday, October 21, 2011

Why avoiding novels is encouraged in Islam

Asalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

There was a time when I was crazy after novels, I'd go to the library every Saturday, and borrow 21 books, which was the limit, and then finish all those novels throughout the week, and then borrow other books the other Saturday. Thats how much I LOVED reading! Thats Until I joined my Madrassah. We were having a class one day, When our teacher asked us if We read novels, After finding out how much money, time I spend after novels, she explained to me why I should not read them, and asked me to stop, Alhamdulillah ta'ala I have stopped since then. MashaALLAh ta'ala, but why did I stop? No, Its not haram, but because of the amount of harm they cause. For example If you had a friend who was not so good, and had many bad habits, you without even realizing would be affected by his bad habits, and would implement them too. For those who say "I dont get affected, I know whats bad, and I stay away from it", The only answer I can give is the example of a dirty, muddy road, If you had to pass through it, and you pulled up the bottom of your shalwaar, Without doubt you would get some dirt/mud on your legs, so Even though you try not be affected, and you know its bad, BUT even after being careful that friend WILL have an impact on you. Now where did I come with friends and roads full of mud from when I was talking about books?? well...Thats the example of a book, may it be a novel, fiction, non fiction, whatever. The author is just like a friend, You spend so much time with the book which basically means with that author, because whatever is in that book is the words of the author. However the author will be, he will have a huge effect on you, you will start to think and act the way he does. Especially these days its really difficult to find a clean book, MOSTLY every book you see is full of romance, and junk, disrespect, all you learn is bad manners, and disrespect, so its better to just stay away. Plus, No one said You cant read at all, there are soooo many awesome Islamic books, theres great stories about the sahaba and sahabiaat, who needs novels, when we have such amazing personalities to read about??? soo if Anyone plans on leavign novels let me know..Baarakallahu Fikum wa waffaqakum wa iyyaaya..ameen thumma ameen! To add I found a fatwa saying that all books that include majic, love, etc are haram to read..inshaALLAH ta'ala, I'll search for it once again, and post it up soon, inshaALLAH ta'ala.
 مع السلامة

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