Sunday, April 6, 2014

Don't share the attribute of a fly!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته

Many a times you will hear things that will really hit you and stay with you for the rest of your life.
Likewisely, someone was telling my mother that he would often look at the scholars calling towards ALLAH سبحانه وتعالى that would give two hour lectures, but he would see them delaying in the coming to pray, yaini they wouldnt be there for the Al-Takbeeratul Oola (التكبيرة الاولى). One day he mentioned this to his brother, and said: "This man is ajeeb, he sits here giving two hour lectures about Islam and following ALLAH ta'alas orders, but he himself is never present for the first takbeer!" 
Upon hearing this, his brother called him and said: "Tell me what do flies sit on, they sit on dirt and filth, right? Then why do you share this attribute with flies?? Why do you look at the bad characteristics of a person, and ignore their good ones?!"

Subhana Rabbiyal A'alaa! 
How great someone peoples thoughts are!

Unfortunately, This is the reality! We are too busy looking at peoples faults, that we dont even see their qualities. No body is perfect, everyone is striving to become a better person, some people will have some quality while others will lack in it. If we look at ourselves, we'll find thousands of things we lack in. Just because someone has a weakness regarding one thing doesnt make him a sinner or a hypocrite or bad at all! If we all were made perfect, what would the purpose of this life be?

Next time you see someones fault, ignore it and look for the good, and try to make 70 reasons for that characteristic which seems like a fault. You never know, the woman who you see entering a bar, could be just entering to use someones phone for an emergency, or to use the restroom, or open her fast with water, etc....

من اشتغل بعيوب الناس عن عيوب نفسه عمي قلبه وتعب بدنه وتعذر عليه ترك عيوب نفسه فإن أعجز الناس من عاب الناس بما فيهم وأعجز منه من عابهم بما فيه. (ابن حبان البستي)

(Whoever occupies himself with finding others flaws his heart is blinded, his body will be exhausted, and it will be impossible for him to leave his own flaws. The incapacitate is someone who finds the flaws in others, and the more incapacitate than him  is he who criticizes other for flaws he himself  has.)

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