Monday, April 14, 2014

Heartbreak....a blessing!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته

Every time We tell ourselves that this will never happen again, we wont ever let anyone close, and wont ever share our secrets with anyone..but then again it happens. Before you know it someone replaces the empty spot another left...and gradually you forget everything you went through and give your day and night to this person and consider them everything...until such a time comes that they end up tearing your heart like the last one did. After all that trust, after all that you shared, after making them your everything...they also go ahead and tear you apart like you are heartless and then act like they never cared about you in the first place and you never existed, why would they care if you live or were just a time pass, they are bored now, so they'll ditch you within seconds
like you are nothing. 

Was this really a one side thing, did they really never care, why didnt I see this coming? All those thoughts running through your mind...the pain..the tears...the regret..the anger...deception...

Sounds painful...especially when the person shows no sign of care...that really, how in the world did I even consider this person a friend, what did I see in them..if someone can do this to me, then I'd rather die than befriend such a person...

But you know what, Im writing this to give glad tidings to those who have felt this or are feeling this..really you are very lucky..may not seem like it but thats because you havent opened your eyes yet. Its okay to let go, we didnt need them anyway. What do they think..they can destroy us, break us without a second thought after all that we shared..Never!
People come and go, some might leave their foot prints but it doesnt take long for footprints to be erased. Its just for a few days..before you yourself will think "why did I even care, who cares let them go, its not like I'll die without them". Once the wounds heal, and you begin to forget...NEVER make the mistake of letting anyone replace that spot. It was emptied for a special reason by a special being. Guess who? 
ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala!
No he doesnt like causing pain, in fact its your fault that you went through that, theres only one acceptable and good deserving candidate for taking space in your heart, and when you chose the wrong person, this was bound to happen. That candidate is ALLAH subhanallahu wa ta'ala. 

Imagine some people coming to your home, and taking over...and starting to live in your house without your position, what will you do? 
If your answer is kick them out, you've got my point. This heart is ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala's heart, its his home, his property, and only he can live in it. The heart itself can will only be content when its rightful owner resides in it, otherwise it will always feel empty.  Now you know why after having that best friend you still felt like somethings missing....

ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala emptied that spot for himself, so let him in. He is the only deserving one. Hes the only one that no matter what you do or what happens, he will never ever leave you. Your secrets will remain secrets, your every problem will be solved, your every tear will be replaced with a smile. No matter how many problems you are facing, and how many walls have broken in your will always be content. Dont share your problems with people, they cant do anything, they themselves are weak and rely on ALLAH ta'ala like you. Why go to someone that Has no control, and is just as weak as you. Go to ALLAH ta'ala, share everything with him, talk to him, love him, make him your everything, and just everything will become yours, and why not? 
If the creator, the king of all kings  is yours, then everything is yours. 

So now wipe those tears away, and smile. For there is someone that loves you, and will never stand you being someone elses, he created you for himself, you are his. So be his and watch the showers of blessings, happiness,and contentment    in your life. 

Always remember we were born alone, we will die alone, and will be resurrected alone, and there is only one being that will be with us during all these times, that is ALLAH ta'ala, so live according to him, and 
watch you will  never be alone. 

Now why is a heartbreak a blessing? 
Its a sign of ALLAH swt's love for you. He wants to be in your heart. He cant stand you thinking about anyone but him. Now tell me if the president of America was to try to seek your attention and 
Turn your attention towards him, how happy would you be, how special would you feel??

Now this is not just a president of one country, this is ALLAH swt, the creator of the whole universe! The king of all kings! He wants your attention! This is his call to you!
How is that not a blessing! 

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