Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sins..Desires..Self Control.......When oh when will I change??

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته 

There are times, when you keep struggling, you want to change, you want to avoid the sins, and fight the desires, but shaytaan keeps taking over, even your own self leads you to the wrong path while your heart continuously warns and scolds you, you know your sinning, you know ALLAH t3ala is watching, but your so weak, you cant stop yourself, but remember the chances may be coming, but there shall be a last, and without knowing you may take your last step, and as you watch your soul being taken away, you shall regret every breath you wasted, so stop now, repent and change your ways....

(This inspired me to write a little something) 

Trying so hard to change
but the desires keep coming
You know what your doing is wrong
your heart keeps scolding you
at times you stop and start to cry
and beg ALLAH t3ala for forgiveness
but others shaytaan has total control
you keep on going, thinking you'll be forgiven
you give in even though your feeling so guilty
its alright if you at times fail and repent
but remember that death can approach you whenever
this could be your last chance, 
throw it or keep it, you shall face the consequences
Life is hard, desires are strong, 
your own self can be your biggest enemy
but follow your conscience and try to fight
there will be a day when you shall take over
no good is earned without hard work
and every pain and struggle shall be rewarded
keep turning to ALLAH, ask him to guide you
if you fail, follow with repentance 
Dont let shaytaan enjoy your failure
the road is bumpy, the path is tricky
but the destiny is a sweet one you wont regret
Make the intention, take the first step
if not now, then never
there is no tomorrow, today is the time
ask for forgiveness, and change your ways
The struggle is bitter but the after taste is sweet
To Jannah make your way
once you reach there you shall forget
every sorrow you ever reaped
keep reminding yourself of the hereafter
one day, one day, you will succeed

(I know it doesnt rhyme at all, had no plan of making a poem, was just noting my came out into this mixed up poem looking kinda thingy..)

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The Black Jubah said...

Assalamualaikum...beautifully said...I am not a poem lover so I don't know how to appreciate it...but I know about the struggles with syaitan...even one's with great iman are attacked every can really noticed this during you get distracted...but Allah is most forgiving most merciful..