Sunday, June 26, 2011

How can you still deny ALLAH ta'ala being the only god???

Asalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, A few days ago we had three days holidays for going in a jamaat for three days, so my classmates and I sat together today's and shared what we heard in our jamaaats, so A friend was telling us that one of the ladies in her jamaat told them that there was a jamaat that went to a foreign country where all were non muslims, so the jamaat tried to bring them to islam, and told them about the hadeeth: (maa ma'anaahu): If the skies, and the earths and everything in them, and between them were put on a side of a scale and the kalimah: laa ilaaha illallahu in the other side of the scale the side with the kalimah will be heavier than the one with all the skies, and earths, and everything between them. Upon hearing this hadeeth the non-believers started to argue that how is that possible. Thats not true, that cant happen, so the jamaat tried to explain to them that is totally true as its a hadeeth, and hadeeths are always true, as the prophet sallallahu ta'ala alaihi wa sallam does not lie, they insisted the jamaat to come the next day and prove to them that its true by actually doing it. The jamaati became worried, and spend the whole night in duas and prayer, and as the next morning came all the foreigners and jamaatis showed up, and put a scale in front of them, and then the foreigners put 10 kilo weight on one side of the scale, so then the head of the jamaats put a paper in which he had written the kalimah on the other side of the scale, upon which the side in which he put the kalimah started to drop down as it was heavier, so the foreigners became really surprised, and added another 10 kilo, that how is that possible, so as soon as they put it on the scale the side with the kalimah became soo heavy that it started to touch the floor, and no matter how much weight they added, the side with the kalimah stayed heavier. Right there and then ALL the foreigners accepted Islam. Subhanallah ta'ala! Ive got three more incidents to share, but inshaALLAH ta'ala i'll share them soon.

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