Monday, September 26, 2011

It's never too late!

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi t3ala wa barakatuhu!
~*~بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ~*~

How suddenly does the world change the moment the moon is seen on the night of Eid. Just as if someone
has electrified everyone, people go from saints to party animals, from The Holy Quran to novels, from the musalla to the bed, from praying to watching movies, from making dua to gossipping, from not eating to eating haraam. The masajid are crying, the masaahif are catching dust, and the oceans, earth, skies are pleading to ALLAH to let them destroy his sinful creation! Was that the purpose of Ramdhan? To worship ALLAH t3ala to the fullest for just one month, and make eid in the rest of the year? To forget him the moment we hear "tomorrow is eid"? If not, then what was the purpose of Ramadhan? It was to change our ways forever, to forget the world, and remember ALLAH t3ala our creator! To bring the love of praying, reading the holy quran, crying in front of him at nights, doing continues zikr, fasting as nawafil into our hearts, and throwing away love of everything else! It was a golden chance to collect as many good deeds possible while they were given out for free, to recognize and build a relationship with The Almighty ALLAH t3ala, and to correct our ways, and stand firm on the straight path! If you were not able to succeed then...No Problem! It never is too late!

 Stand up now! Go in front of ALLAH t3ala, and cry your heart out! Tell him you made a mistake, Shaytaan led you astray! Your back, and your ready! You want to love ALLAH t3ala again, you want him and his worship in your life again! I'm pretty sure what his answer will be, He will welcome you with happiness, and open up his arms for you! Remember his door is the only door which is open 24/7, and no one is EVER rejected on his door! Ask, try it! Ask for anything, you shall be granted! If not now, in the future, or maybe in Jannah!
Wake up! You don't have much time less, malakul mawt is right behind you! It maybe anytime soon when your soul shall be taken away from you, then you will regret forever and ever, but you still have time! Make up for your wrong ways now! Ask ALLAH t3ala for forgiveness, and bring back the person you were during Ramadhan, and if you weren't a good person then Ramadhan, its alright, prepare for the next Ramadhan, change yourself now and remember its never too late!

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